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The Young Investors Challenge is the largest investment competition for Canadian teens with thousands in prizes!


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About the Challenge

Founded by Charles Frédette, Ryan Dollinger and Philip Becker, the Young Investors Challenge is a non-profit organization which provides a unique experience to all teenagers regardless of their investing experience.

The Trading Challenge

A virtual investment competition that begins in March. Using our platform, each participant will receive $100,000 to invest in a variety of stocks and ETFs, and rankings will be based on portfolio value.

“The Young Investors Challenge is a one-of-a-kind learning experience that I recommend to all teenagers that are interested in stocks!”

Jeremy Le | 1st Place, 2021 Challenge

The Stock Pitch Challenge

After carefully reading the case study, participants will submit a stock report to our judges. The selected finalists will be invited to present their stock pitch to our judges at our finale.

Creating a substantial impact.

Through community initiatives, wide-reaching competitions and student opportunities, our organization focuses on making an impact within our community.

To Participate
In Prizes Since 2021

The Timeline

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Registration Opens

March 6th 2023

Start of the Challenge

March 20th 2023

End of the Challenge

April 28th 2023

Award Ceremony

May 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register?
When signups open, simply create an account on our mobile or web app! If you're signing up with a school or a club, make sure to type in your group code!
Does the Challenge use real-time data?
Yes! The Investment Challenge uses real-time data pulled directly live from the different exchanges.
What are the prizes?
Since 2021, we gave out more than $15,000 in prizes. We're bringing even more prizes to 2023!
What should I do to prepare?
This isn't a school exam: there's nothing to study! However, it would be a good idea to prepare through reading financial articles or watching education videos!
Who is eligible to participate?
Any Canadian below the age of 20 is eligible. However, we will also have prizes for different age categories!
I have an issue with my account!
For the 2023 Challenge, users will have access to a support portal within the app. You can also email us at help@yic.ca

Have a question? Contact us.

The best way to contact us before the Challenge is through email.

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